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You Are Cordially Invited:

To Wear Skirts, Shorts, Sleeveless Blouses,
Bathing Suits and a Wardrobe That Reveals
More of Your Skin...

You can wear them without fear of razor marks or embarrassing stubble. And no worrying about new growth or if you've waxed before going out in public.

Because Stop Grow™ by Skinception™ is scientifically formulated with a series of active ingredients that interrupt follicular cell activity along the body, with long-term reduction of unwanted body hair!

  • Gets body hair at the root
  • Reduces future growth
  • Works for bikini line, arm pits, legs & more
  • More gentle than depilatory creams
  • Works on all pigments & thickness

You'll find you're shaving much less with Stop Grow™ – as in 82% less frequently than you're doing at present...

Until one day, don't be surprised if you don't need to shave at all!

Unwanted Growth Disappears Where Ever You Choose!

Pick a spot.

Is it an issue for you when people spot embarrassing hair in your under arms when wearing a halter top or t-shirt? Perhaps it's your legs or somewhere more private.

Unlike depilatories and hair removal treatments, which are area-specific and often too harsh for the more sensitive regions of your body...

Stop Grow™ prevents body hair, before it develops, where ever you choose. With its gentle formula and Skinception™ – based understanding of human skin, it's as suitable for you face as it is for your legs.

Or the special areas you share with a limited audience.

Choose to reduce hirsuteness in one area or several at the same time. You prioritize the areas where you want to reduce and inhibit that unwanted body hair!

Long-Lasting Reduction of Unwanted Body Hair

Long-lasting is good. And Stop Grow™ is engineered to selectively target and reduce germinating hair follicle cells along the body during their anagen, or growth phase...

So body hair is reduced before it sprouts up!

  • Body hair become thinner
  • Hair length decreases
  • Growth is sporadic
  • Unwanted hair growth slows

Most women report a noticeable reduction of body hair beginning in just 4 weeks.

Even more encouraging, unwanted body hair becomes so sporadic that Stop Grow™ is clinically proven* to reduce frequency of leg shaving in women by up to 82%!

Get Body Hair Before it Sprouts Up!

Stop Grow™ is scientifically formulated with the most recent development in prevention of unwanted body hair.

And the numbers speak for themselves.

Not only does Stop Grow™ get body hair within the follicle before it develops...

It's proven to keep it off - on a continuing basis!

Active Ingredient: Decelerine® (3.0%)

"Reduced Frequency of Shaving or Depilation
in Legs Up to 82%"*

In a clinical study performed by European researchers, a 3% concentration of Decelerine® was linked to:

  • Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female legs up to 82%
  • Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female groin up to 70%
  • Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female armpit up to 50%

Active Ingredient: Telocapil® (2.0%)

"Reduced Body Hair in 93% of Study Participants
After About 2 months!"*

In a scientific study of 15 volunteers, participants applied a 2%
concentration of Telocapil® to one leg and a placebo to the other, twice daily for 63 days. On the study's conclusion, the researchers noted:

  • Reduced body hair in 93% of study participants
  • Reduced overall hirsuteness by 60%
  • Reduced anagen/telogen ration by 59%
  • Reduced thickness of body hair by almost 30%

Active Ingredient: PilisoftTM LS 7590 (1.0%)

"Body Hair Follicles Inhibited By 69%"*

Anti-hair growth effect (clinical test):

You Must LOVE The Results Or We'll Refund Your Money!

Check this out... We're so sure you'll LOVE the results you get with Stop Grow™, we offer an unmatched rock-solid 67 day moneyback guarantee. No tie ins. No weird billing. No loop holes.

You must love the results, or we'll refund 100% of your purchase price minus shipping and handling charges.

That's an unheard of guarantee for ANY hair removal product, but that's how strongly we believe Stop Grow™ will work for you. We take all the risk on our shoulders so you feel confident trying it yourself.

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